FETEC Destination

FETEC is a language training center established and managed by the Faculty of Economics of Trisakti University since 2000, which aims to improve the ability of students to speak English and other foreign languages as well as provide quality facilities to explore the abilities and budgets of foreign language students of Trisakti university in addition to providing ethical skills and guidance as expected in Tridharma University.


Faculty and Participants

FETEC provides highly professional, competent and experienced teaching staff in the field of teaching English and other foreign language programs. The teaching consists of non-native speakers from inside and outside Trisakti university and native speakers from the UK, America, Canada and Australia, which in addition to learning various English mastery programs also provide experience and guidelines about their home country.



  • Students, lecturers and employees of Trisakti University
  • Students, lecturers and employees of other universities
  • General public

Programs offered

1. English

 FETEC Preparation Course for the TOEFL? Test Target value 450 50 hours
IELTS Preparation Target value 6 50 hours
English For Specific Purposes Teaching English specific to professionals (medicine, management, accounting)
Conversation skills Focus on mastery and smoothness of general conversation. Including vocabulary and grammar
Creative Writing & Effective Presentation Creative writing training for scientific work, research reports and seminars and then presented

2. Arabic

 Muhadatsah Everyday conversations 48 hours/ program
Muthala’ah Grammar,conversation,reading & writing 100- 180 hours/ program

3. Indonesian for foreign and general students

Evaluation of Training Results

Course participants must take two exams (Mid-Term test and Final Test) for each program. Participants will get a certificate of grades when the course ends.

FETEC Activities

Currently FETEC acts as an English language consulting media for students who have a speciality in the field of language and who want to continue their studies abroad.