The capital market has a strategic role in national development, as a source of financing for the business world and a vehicle for investment for the community. The capital market aims to support the implementation of national development in order to increase equity, growth and stability of the national economy towards increasing people’s welfare. The central point of capital market activities is the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) as the party that manages the secondary market for securities trading. However attractive the company is offering shares through the primary market if it is not listed on the stock exchange, it will make the shares less attractive to investors. In order to increase students’ understanding of the capital market, the Faculty of Economics, Trisakti University organized the Indonesia Stock Exchange Corner (IDX) in collaboration with the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

The activities held are as follows:

  1. As a Center for Scientific Activities and Socialization of the Money Market and Capital Market
    • As a Money Market and Capital Market Reference Center (PUPM), which provides accurate and precise information from issuers that will be needed by students as a data source in completing thesis.
    • As a Center for Research and Study of Phenomena in the Money Market and Capital Market
    • Center of Capital Market Soci ety
    • Promote PUPM for students and all campus residents.
  2. As a Place for Guiding Entrepreneurship Characters

    • Fostering an Investment Club through “ Real Trading From Campus ” with the Three in One concept  , by using internet access you can perform PUPM transactions.
    • Providing Capital Market Consulting Services
    • Become an IDX partner / Capital Market Participants, as an  Event Organizer  with capital market socialization through seminars,  workshops, company visits , internships and stock simulations
    • Become a Strategic Alliance for business players in the capital market (as a partner of the Professional Standards Examination Committee, as a partner of PT. Danareksa, Capital Market Media Agency, Capital Market Laboratory Management, etc.)